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✅ Spotting one cockroach is the first sign of a cockroach infestation!

Our 2-Stage Interior Sanitization Is a 6-step Sanitizing and cleaning process including anti-pest & anti-viral (see more below)

✅ 4.9/5 Stars on Facebook After 360+ Reviews!

Check out one of our 360++ 5-Star reviews:

"Finally no more cockroaches in car!!!

Prior to my visit to EA Detailer to attempt to remove the cockroaches in my car, I visited at least 2 others (Both said that they can remove the cockroaches from my car) but the cockroaches came back within 3 days.

Came across EA Detailer website with some skepticism but I was desperate to rid my car of cockroaches as they are the 1st thing me and my family see when we are about to get in the car. So I sign up online for their promotion package.

Long story short, I was not disappointed. When I picked up my car, the car is clean (and mine are not leather seats so you can imagine how difficult it is to clean) and the cockroaches are completely gone even after a few months!

Would definitely recommend anybody who wants a clean interior to go with EA Detailer."

just One roach is a sign of an infestation!

❌ They are persistent pests and multiply quickly. Once introduced, if no control measures are taken, they can quickly infest an entire vehicle

❌ Cockroaches can burrow into small places that you might never notice even while cleaning. They’ll reproduce under your seat, in the car frame, in the speakers and other small, dark and cramped places

❌ One of the main reasons cockroaches keep coming back is the way they produce their eggs. Female cockroaches make a hard egg case, less than 1 cm long. These cases can contain up to 40 nymphs!

Since 2014 we've quickly become the most reviewed autodetailer with expertise in purging roaches, ants, and one time even a rat hiding in the engine compartment!

Why choose our 2-stage sanitization? 

✅ The solution we used to flush out pests such as cockroaches is an extract from a plant enzyme; It is bio-degradable and half-lifed within 20 hours. Though not tasty, it is digestible. We have served enough parents and pet owners to know that safety is the number one aspect for your kids and pets.

✅ We also use a Hospital Grade Disinfectant which is Medically Certified by SGH! It is proven to be of 99.98% effectiveness against HFMD as per tested by TUV. 

✅ Not just roaches - also works great on various bugs & other pests!

Our 2-Stage Anti-Pest Interior Sanitization covers a Intensive cleaning & Sanitizing process for your vehicle interior that takes 4-5 hours. Here's how we thoroughly clean your car of pests, germs & bacteria:

Step 1: Bio-Fumigation (Anti-Pest)

The solution we used to flush out pests such as cockroaches is an extract from a plant enzyme; It is bio-degradable and half-lifed within 20hours. Though not tasty, it is digestible. We have served enough parents and pet owners to know that safety is the number one aspect for their kids and pets.

Step 2: Sanitization (Anti-Viral)

Nothing is left unattended in our treatment, we used Hospital Grade Disinfectant which is Medically Certified by SGH. The agent is also the Official Anti-Viral Products for NATO activation. It is proven to be of 99.98% effectiveness against HFMD as per tested by TUV. We used the same solution in our own 4 pre-school centers and have prevented HFMD outbreak for the last 5 years.

Step 3: Basic Vacuuming

Cleaning the interior of a car includes vacuuming seats, rear cargo area, trunk and compartment.

Step 4: Basic Cabin Detailing

Standard Cabin detailing to freshen up the finer details of your interior cabin. All compartments are cleaned and a layer of conditioner is applied.

Step 5: Plastic Conditioning

Freshen and clean your interior dashboard and plastic trims parts. Cleans and maintains plastic surfaces in vehicle interiors. Especially suitable for new vehicles with matt structured fittings. It reduces electrostatic charge, and produces a surface sheen which has an antistatic and dust repellent effect.

Step 6: Leather Conditioning

SONAX Profiline Class Leather Care restores the leather’s original, subtle shine, intensive colour and natural smoothness. Moisturizing active ingredients nourish the leather, maintain the permeability and increase the life. The products UV filters protect the leather against colour fading when exposed to sunlight. Anti-creaking additives ensure a comfortable seating sensation without seeming slippery. Thanks to the addition of antioxidants, the leather’s natural deterioration due to ageing is stopped. The treated surface has a hydrophobic effect and forms a protective barrier against dirt, water, spillages, etc. Suitable for all smooth leather, also for perforated leather surfaces and seats with seat heating.

Hear Estella's 5-star experience with our anti-pest sanitization service!

"There was a real need for me to send the car to EA Detailer for an extremely thorough clean.

I like it that EA Detailer does not just clean straight away – they inspect the car and understand it before working on it. I was also briefed about the treatments which the car will receive, the products used and what they do for the car.

Fumigation is known as “Biofumigation” at EA Detailer because they use products that are biodegradable / digestible (i.e. can be broken down by the human body).

After a 30 minutes wait, they will assess the car again and redo if there are no pests (just to be sure) or start locating and removing the pests in the car. Even during the 30 mins wait, you can get to observe pests being forced out of their hiding places, trying to make a futile escape.

After the fumigation is completed, you will be shown around to inspect the pest infestation situation. 

Overall, I was very impressed."

Check out why our customers love us... and keep coming back!

Let us clean Your Car of pests, germs & bacteria Today - Before Our Offer Is Gone!

2-stage interior sanitization (anti-pest)
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  • 100% Organic Anti-Pest Bio-Fumigation
  • Anti-Viral Sanitization (Medically Certified by SGH)
  • Vacuuming
  • Cabin Detailing
  • Plastic Conditioning
  • Leather Conditioning
  • *BONUS* FREE 8-Step SONAX Car Spa Worth $109! See details below.
  • *BONUS* FREE Gift! (Choose 1 of 6 Gifts on next page)

*You may opt for seats-off detailing at selected outlets; Additional charge of $100 – $300 may apply depending on vehicle make and model
*SUV/MPV/Flagship Vehicle is subjected to additional $50
*Large/Exotic Vehicle is subjected to additional $100
Valid till 30th November 2021

FREE Upgrade: 8-Step SONAX Car Spa Worth $109 
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SONAX is a leading car care manufacturer in Germany with representation in more than 70 countries. With leading car care products and strong ties to Formula 1 racing, SONAX is one of the most recognizable and favored brands in the world. 

Enjoy our special 8-Step SONAX Car Spa treatment for FREE when you come down for your Interior Sanitization:

1. Rinse
2. Foam Wash
3. Clay Treatment
4. Rims Cleaning
5. Tire Shine
6. External Plastic protectant
7. Exterior Chrome protectant
8. Sonax SiO2 Sealant

Sonax are our technical partners, we use their products for most of the process steps for our services. Don't miss out on this exclusive Free Upgrade today!

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